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Why I love the Minecraft Title Screen.

by Azrikal on 13/SEP/13 | Back to Azrikal's Media

“Minecraft is awesome.

Now that the obvious has been stated, I can't express enough on how much the title screen's little text bliPs amuse me.
For those who have seen the original "Star Wars: Episode IV: Return of the Jedi", it's common knowledge that Han Solo,
when confronted by Greedo, is to take out his blaster and kill Greedo from under the table.
In one of George Lucas' MANY re-releases, he makes Greedo draw his weapon first, fire, then miss, so Han can kill
him lawfully.

This both violates the original storyline and Han's utter badassery, and just isn't right.
Minecraft Agrees.”

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Minecraft (PC)

Genre/Style: Unknown/Unknown
Release Date: 17/MAY/09
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